Thursday, July 23, 2009

*P* is for *Pefectly Precious*

I had been thinking about a *P* word for some time has been awhile since I posted and alot has gone on in my world since my last post and the next letter was *P* ( I have been doing the alphabet).....anyway, different *P* words would drift into my mind when I thought, gee, I really should post something....but, what word?...depending on my feelings these words would pop in..."pain" "promise" "passion" "please " "party!"...see it on the book? well, we did have a party recently under our pergola (another *P*) that my Motorcyle Man designed.....but, I didn't want to post about it..we got rained Then, I thought....hmmmm....*Purple* is one of my fav colors...notice my Purpley hands?? I was painting that day...but, I also like *Pink*......uh, nah, didn't wanna *Post* about colors.......

Then yesterday, a new *P* word popped in (or out, haha!!)........*Precious*...well, his name is Dezi, but, he is oh so precious to me...all 6lbs 11 oz and 19 1/2" of him......our first grandson was welcomed to our world yesterday at 3:50 pm....and I was so honored to be there.
Do ya think they make motorcyle gear that tiny??? I proclaimed his Indian name to be "StrongHeart" as the Doc was concerned about his heart (but, he is *Perfect*) ...grandpa nicknamed him "Thumper"!

Heart Hugs,