Friday, January 29, 2010

Look whats new in my Shoppe!

The Pink house is in the Cottages shoppe..and the blue one (featured in Sew Somerset magazine) is in my Esty shop . UPDATE...the blue cottage has been SOLD! Thank You!!
I love this saying!

notice the crooked stovepipe chimney?

every home has a heart!..its the key to everything!

and you are welcome here!

this sweetie is named "Fleur" and she whispers "Faith'...see her in the Faerie Shoppe!

Thanks for visiting!!!

Heart Hugs,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A blogger needs your help and prayers

I just read about this on my friend, Deb Kennedy's, blog, Hummadeedledee. The magnitude of the sorrow the Gina must feel and is going thru is hard to comprehend. Please read on and help if you are moved to. Thank You,

Many of you are familiar with Gina Drennon at Feather Your Nest either through her lovely online store & blog ( or maybe her store's many mentions in some of our favorite magazines & blogs. She has become a close friend of mine, and probably some of yours, and she needs our help.Last week her dear husband died tragically of a heart attack. He was 39 years old & appeared to be in perfect health. They were high school sweethearts, had been together over 20 years and married 16 and spoke of each other like they were newlyweds--true soulmates. They have two beautiful sons as well, I cannot remember their exact ages but I know are middle school & elementary school aged. Michael worked hard for his family so Gina could live her dream of being a shop owner. And their lives have been turned upside down.
She quickly decided that she has must close her store so she can focus on her family & find a job that will provide a steady salary & benefits that they've now lost, & move on with their new life as soon as possible. The problem with doing it now is her store is located in a tourist resort & it currently "off season" which will not begin to even pick up for several months and not fully until late spring/early summer and her store isn't even open in January regardless. Selling as much as possible online as quickly as possible, will certainly help her out.
We've all seen the mountains a group of bloggers can move when we band together. I'm kindly asking that each of you post something on your blog to encourage your readers to shop with her, and/or pass it on to others, tweet it, whatever. Gina does not know I am doing this, she is first very proud and would never ask for help, and dislikes any attention. But she is a generous soul and I have watched her donate goods and money to others in need more often than anyone. I feel helpless watching her struggle from afar & am trying to think of anything I can do to help.
Currently she is trying to get her store back online. She had a friend just delete all the files off the site after his death and when I e-mailed her earlier she was attempting to re-upload all the files and then post notices....hoping to finish within the next 24 hours. She will start out with all merchandise at 25% off site-wide.
Thank you,Jennifer Bradley

Heart Hugs,

Monday, January 25, 2010

Magic Carpet Ride Give-A-Way!

Comments are now closed for this give away...I will be posting the winner soon~~~ Thank You to all that entered and for your sweet words!!
I had been planning to have a give away on my "Blogversary" which happens to be my birthday (Feb. 9th) and I was going to draw the winner on Larry's B-Day which happens to be Feb. 10th...but, my dear friend, Marcie, (she has a great give away, too!!!...go see!!!) told me about the OWOH (One World One Heart) event, I decided to jump on the magic carpet and go for a ride! Wheeeeeeeeee!!! Photo

I just created this darling wee pin this past week...I wanted to have some hand sewing to work on while sitting in the living room with my Lar... as before the diagnosis, I was always working in my studio and only ventured out to cook dinner, eat, and then back to my studio! Things have changed!

I have her pictured here on top of an old book...she'd make a great journal cover......hmmmmmmm

Her body and wings are made out of an old cutter quilt..vintage trim adorns her head....the turquoise part of her body is hand painted canvas as is the "bar" that she hangs from...a vintage piece of lace dances down from the back.....a standard bar pin is sewed securely on the back of the bar (with the word "Cherish" on it)

Ok, now for the "rules" must leave a comment to be entered. To make it fun, complete this thought: Love is....
(its ok if people leave the same thought) but, remember, you must have a way for me to link back to you or send me your email should you be the winner! I will be choosing the winner on Feb. 15th. Please spread the word!
Heart Hugs,

Friday, January 22, 2010

Welded Hearts and Heart Hands

I mentioned in my last post about Larry and I always holding hands...we take hand photos all started on a trip to Egypt when we put our hands under a hieroglyphic of, we started taking more pics of our hands when we go on trips or the mood just hits the picture below of our hands making a heart...its like we are one heart.... hands also in prayer together....

who is that masked man?......looks like some heart welding going on here...we have a "thing" for hearts, case you havn't guessed! I love this heart shape.......

but, most of all..I love the heart in this man...

My Lar....

Heart Hugs,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Beginnings and Holding Hands is my lovely daughter being escorted down the isle to her new life...I love how her daddy is holding her hand..just like he had so many times when he saw her for the first time and her fingers curled around his (and his heart!)....or walking her safely across a street or taking her to gymnastics class....or.....sigh! She has grown to be such a wonderful woman and we are so very proud of her!
and here I am..grasping onto Lar's finger.....we always hold hands when we walk,such a natural thing for us to do......I love his strong...
This is a new beginning for us too...A new way of life....we are so blessed to have the love we share that grows deeper every day!
Thank you all so much for all your prayers and good thoughts.....believe me, they are working!

Heart Hugs,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

FAerie Angels ,Pins and Prayer Flags..Oh My!

Just wanted to pop in and say I added items to the Faerie Shoppe and Fripperies Shoppe!

Heart Hugs,

Friday, January 8, 2010

Team for Larry

T.E.A.M ....Together Expect A Miracle..........This came to me during a night time nap.......I have believed that we are all connected for a long time now.......and it occured to me that we are all a TEAM of some some way...for each does take a TEAM to keep each other going thru our challenges and thru our good times, took a TEAM to help us thru Corals wedding and now we have another TEAM helping us thru Larrys angel delivered us 5 meals last night...and homemade pumpkin bread, too!!! Her name is Erin..her hubby, Brent, helped too! I was so touched by this kindness!
I created these items to put in my shoppe this weekend...the above picture is a pin to wear...and below is one of my prayer flags
Pink Halo......

Blue Halo

Teal Halo

I will be also taking orders on these...choose your own colors,affirmation... etc......I do not know if I will be doing shows again or not....but, i do know that creating helps me in so many ways...I have had so many people tell me that my Faerie/Angels helped them or a loved one thru a difficult they are helping me. Thank You All so much for your really means alot to both of us! What a TEAM!!

Heart Hugs,

Friday, January 1, 2010