Wednesday, August 12, 2009

*Q* is for *Queens* and *Quotes*

Ahhh.the four "Queens", I did not get this hand dealt to me....would be great to have in a game of rummy....we do not really get to choose what is dealt to us, huh? Sometimes I think that would be a great in LA-LA LAnd where all is good everyday ... all day. But, I think that maybe we would not appreciate the "good" without the "bad"....
Look at the Queen in the upper left hand corner of this storybook........she looks so angry about something...did those wee froggies do something to tick her off? She appears to be very rich and beautiful, so whats the problem? Guess money doesn't bring you happiness, all the time huh? The real abundance in our life is health.
But, I try really hard to see the good...even when "bad" things are happening.... and rely on my faith to get me thru..."Where there is Hope There can be Faith. Where there is Faith Miracles can occur" I am praying for a miracle about something that I am not quite ready to share.

and "Treasure The Moment" ......

you can click on the pictures for a closer look!

I just saw this quote this morning...Do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of."- Benjamin Franklin. Good one huh?.....I have this on my coffee mug (Only I drink tea!)...."Worrying does not empty Tomorrow of its empties today of its strength" I like that one, too.......I use quotes alot in my creations....I have since the early nineties, so I have quite a few favorites that I try to rely on when I am going thru a troubling or even a happy time. Remember, "Behind every storm cloud, the sun still shines"!
I put some cuffs in my Fripperies Shoppe...the one above has already sold! Thank You!!!
the style of cuff i pictured in the post will be in a Belle Amoire issue..not sure which one....and the other cuff style in the Fripperie Shoppe was in the current issue of Sew Somerset.

Heart Hugs,