Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SoulMates Forever

I hear people say that they are "looking for their Soul Mate"...what does that mean exactly? I know what it means to me, but, everyones perception of what "it" is is different...and it may not even mean the same thing to the two people involved...but, I know that Larry is my soulmate...I guess maybe that what it is really.."a soul knowing'...recognizing each others souls..
a "forever knowing"...now, I am not saying that I believe in re-incarnation...but, I think it has some merit to it..been "studying on it" as a friend of mines hubby says...when Lar and I first met.. over 30 yrs ago..I just knew deep in my heart that "he was the one"
I made this "cake" intuitively...I had no plan..it practically created itself...Larry asked me to marry him 3 weeks after we met...we married 3 months later and we celebrated 30 yrs this past November...we just "knew".....
Had to sneek this picture of my man vacuuming my booth at the last show in Pasco..part of our routine in setting up the booth..he gets out the vacuum and that is the last thing we do before going to the hotel to celebrate with a glass (or two) of wine... you can see the "cake" on the small table in the background
Oh, and my "SoulMate" also makes the best waffles ever!
back to the cake...this is Mr. And Mrs. Topper SweetFeets..

Mr. Topper has the word "beloved" from vintage text on his wing and the Mrs. has "Our Love" from an old book on hers...I have started to really like the steampunk look, and I am incorporating that feel into my new designs...kinda "spiritually romantic steampunk"...

I think this SweetFeets is gonna hatch something really wonder-filled, don't you???

A Miracle .....

This is my sign in my booth.....
This usually take us 8 hours to set up and 3 to take down..but, we were so blessed this time..our son, Kyle and 3 of his friends drove 4 hours to help us set up on Thursday...then, Our daughter, Coral and her hubby, Viet and our son, Larry jr drove up (another 4 hours) on Sunday to help us tear down...when we got home, Lar had to go to the ER..he had a collapsed lung and has since had surgery...yup, he is my soulmate....forever
pictures of the Pasco Show Booth...I was so happy to be surrounded by my friends..Ace Leather ( with their awesome purses and other leather goods..Kathy and Andrew are the best!!!)..they were right across from me..and my friend Eli Sanders was right next to me..we yelped with joy when we discovered this...So many people came by to give us hugs and encouragement...Kay of Antique Annies..Love her and her dollies make you smile..Cerrie of Crows Feat..her wood carvings are the best!...made some new friends,too..just cannot remember everyones name...but, They are all so very special to me!
This lil sweetie is holding a tiny, vintage doll shoe, and if you look closely, you will see a picture of my mom as a young lass inside..she is on her on Soul Journey now....miss her
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Heart Hugs,