Tuesday, April 28, 2009

*K* is for Kindness for a wee babe named Bella

I just read about this wee babe struggles on http://www.trailertrash01.blogspot.com/ please visit for the whole story...they are holding a raffle to help with medical bills...
I am donating my one of new products that I was teasing you with in the previous post...I call them "StoryBook Cottages"....this is the very first one I made...I have them in allot of different sizes....but, this is the smallest...around 4"...figured it was appropriate as Miss Bella is so very tiny.......

I am also donating the letter "B" for *Bella*.....

you can also visit http://www.junksistas.blogspot.com/ for more info...the raffle will start on May 1st...
Please open your hearts to this sweet wee one!
Heart Hugs,

*K* is for *Kindness* or how I found Kindness in a piece of Driftwood....

My Motorcycle Man and I went to the beautiful Oregon coast a few weekends ago...Newport Bay to be exact...we always go "antique" shopping on our getaways...so on one of our jaunts we stumbled upon this quaint shop full of hummingbird and chickadee nesters...they looked like little cottages...sweet! We chatted with the maker of these magical creations for a bit....you could tell he was very passionate about the birdies and their homes..he gave us alot of info on the homes and the process of how to care for the birds - where and how to hang the nester..etc. I told him a story of how my man and I rescued a momma robin that had "hung" herself from a piece of fishing wire that she had woven into her nest...we took her to the bird hospital and they fixed her up and released her in our yard where she had her nest..she did end up building another nest, too!!! Anyway, I swear I saw tears in his eyes as I relayed the story ( I confess..I sniffled a lil too) Anyway, we decided on which cottages were coming home with us...hard to choose..they all were wonder-filled!
This is the Hummingbird nester...I just hung it here for the photo...we will find the perfect spot for it soon
The picture above is the Chickadee cottage....notice how it looks like an owl...this acts as a deterrent to the larger birds that prey on Finches and Chickadees.Lichen moss was gathered around 4,000 feet up in the Cascade range. The parent birds gather the moss as nesting material for the wee ones.Wood for the houses was packed off The Three Sisters mountain range near Bend, Oregon.

After paying for our nesters, he told us he had a gift for us ...he said he was waiting for the right customer to give it to and he knew it was us....it was this gorgeous piece of driftwood!!! He told us that he hauled it for a mile!! Let me tell you..it is heavy and HUGE!...(Oh Looky...a wee fairy has landed on it!!)..So, that is how I see *Kindness* in a piece of driftwood....

I will always remember that magical day in Newport every time I look at this wonderful piece of Kindness!!! If you are ever in the area his shop is The BirdHouse Company 2926 Ferry Slip Road #112 Newport, Oregon ( I didn't realize his road was *Ferry* slip....I just got Godbumps!!.......kindred spirits for sure!!!

I am developing a new product....clues are sprinkled in this post...can you guess???
Heart Hugs,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

*J* is for *Joy* and *Journey*

When I wrote this title...*J* is for *Joy* and *Journey*....the thought came to me....ahhhh Joy Journeys....where can that thought lead you to???? Take a Joy Journey...either in your backyard...your favorite garden ...the beach....in your imagination.....anyway you go on a joy journey will lead back to your soul...for these are the things that make you...well, YOU! Your joys may be the same as someone elses, but, your experience to them is unique to you and how you feel it.....am I rambling here???..I dunno... For instance...I get great Joy in creating .....either mixed media or these wee faeries....believe it or not, they have actually helped me thru some tough times.... creating sends me on quite a joy journey...
While creating this faerie, I was on the phone with Marcie (http://www.the-rustic-victorian.blogspot.com/)) and I was dyeing the laces ... I did not bother to put on gloves for the process and told her.."Oh wow!! I have purple hands!"!...Purple Hands equals Joy in my book!!! why? Because I am creating!!! who cares if I have to go around with purple hands for a few days....not me!!!!
Here 's an idea.......create a Joy Journal...kinda like a Gratitude Journal...only write down the things that really make your heart smile......... ummmm purple hands?

or...... bubbles on the beach!!!!.... do you see the hearts?? Heart bubbles...yippeeeee!!!!

I love the quote...."The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step"

these steps remind me of the song..."Stairway to Heaven"...or The Wizard of OZ...The yellow brick road......

but, like Dorothy says......"There is no place like Home"......yuppers, after any journey I take, I do long for getting Home....snuggling up in my purple chair with my wee doggie in my lap....a cuppa tea (or a glass of wine!) and a great magazine.....hey...that is another journey I am off on..a dreamy one!

Heart Hugs,

Thursday, April 9, 2009

*I* is for *Interrupting the Interruption* for *Alpha-Bits*

ok...I am interrupting the interruption to share this grouping of "ALPHA-BITS".....for more info, please read the Interruption post...tried to make this "Interesting" or "Inspirational"....*I* words....but, it wasn't to be.......tee-hee!
*R* is sold

*B* is sold

*R* Alpha-Bits "Remember we are spiritual beings having a human experiance".....is sold

*L* Alpha-Bits* is sold

*M* is sold

*N* Alpha-Bits is Sold

*I* is for *Interruption*

I thought I would "interrupt" my regular posting to show you some of my newly created items for sale...I do not have an etsy or a "shop"...yet....so, I thought I would offer them here...hope that is ok!!!

As you can see, I do love the alphabet and I try to find affirmations to go along with the letter...

The fabric part of the sign measures approx. 5"x7"...when you add in the ribbon hanger and vintage lace they range from 11"to 13"in length...I love to use old buttons, laces, and trims...the letter is stamped on an old book page dating from 1918......

The price of these one of a kind creations is $15.00 plus $3.00 shipping.......USA only for now! Please email me if you'd like one !
I will now return you to my "regular" blog posts........stay tuned!!
Heart Hugs,