Wednesday, September 23, 2009

*T* is for *Thankful* and my new fav color ...*Teal*

I have sooooo much to be Thankful for....this past weekend was full of love and fun! First off, on Sunday we were at the faire and my booth was a Fairy Garden....Party!...This was my very first outdoor show ever!

I have to tell you that Martha did an outstanding job of putting this event on...Her booth was fabulous and very busy!!!I had the honor of being right next to her and her awesome "Elf" turns out that Patty and I had met a few years before when I did the Greens Show in Salem! Patty is a dear,dear authentic and a kind soul! Some of my faeries have the privilege to live with her!

I got to meet so many new friends...Laurie, Molly Mo's, Sammy Girl, Adrienne and more whose names have slipped my mind! Also spoke with some of my collectors that I have not seen in even told me that she submitted my name to Mary Englibrite (before her magazine folded.).how sweet was that!

This wee faerie , whom I named "Soliel" (after Cique de Soliel) greeted all that entered the party...she wants to join the circus!
This is what my booth looked sure was nice that we could do a partial set up on Saturday as we had plans to go........

HERE!!!.........This is the Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City, Oregon...they had an antique car show going on!

I just had to take a picture of this car...for the color!..TEAL!!! Love it!!! The car is pretty awesome, is the Motorcycle man peeking in the window! (wink, wink!)

And this car was just to appropriate for what we got to see and experience next!!!

The Beach Boys!!!! I boogied in my seat and clapped til my hands ached!

But, before all the fun,fun, fun ("Til my daddy took my beach board away!."..sorry, couldn't help myself..."Help me,help me Rhonda!"...dang...their music is still in my head!!!!) now where was I? Oh yeah....before all the excitement of the Beach Boys, we sat on the deck of our hotel room, sipped some wine and looked at this awesome view...and watched a whale swim around and around...

Yuppers.......Life is good..........I have alot to be Thankful for!

Heart Hugs,

Friday, September 18, 2009

*S* is for *ShowTime*!!!!

OMGoodness!!! What was I thinking!!!.......I have never done an outdoor show before and I am a tad nervous about it!!! My MotorCycle man tackled it head on...this is an inside joke, but, i'll tell ya...he sliced his head open a little bit getting stuff out of the trailer...he's ok,tho...I had to make him sit down for a bit with a bag of ice on his head...i told him I might insist he wear his motorcycle helmet when we unload!
Anyway, the above picture is our "mockup"..i will hang stuff from the fencing and the display board..I will be sitting in the back at the gold cloth covered table...

this is one side..i am thinking of putting the cottages on here..make a wee faerie village!

this is a back table...i have since ironed the cloth!!!...i think faeries will be on this table

this cottage will not be has sold and off to a new land...Maryland!!.......

this wee cottage will make an appearance tho..i love how colorful it is...i painted canvas to create this one...I am loving working with paint...and falling in love with colors that I never thought would interest me...go figure! turquoise!

This prayer flag says it all.......I will go forth and have a wonder-filled time!!! If you are in the area, hope you will stop by and say hi!!..oh, yeah, its in Salem, Oregon at the DeepWoods Estate...

Heart Hugs,

Friday, September 4, 2009

*R* is for *Radiant* *Reflection* and a "Rock*

*Radiant*..............such a beautiful word......used alot to describe a bride...we will have a Radiant Bride (our only daughter) going down the isle in December....I am sooooo excited!!!! This is one of a series of *Prayer Flags* that I have been making...I have discovered that in creating my art, that the act itself strengthens my soul...there is something very healing in the creating process...brings me alot of peace.
I love this quote "There are two ways of spreading Light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it" (E. Warton)

Can you see me?...(in the pic below) to make larger....I was on the phone with Marcie ...see the lil picture frame on the table (in the above pic)...that was a gift from her and I treasure it...its a Faerie Queen...she calls me "Queenie".... love her!

interesting, if I take a step or two in another direction, I get another "view" of what is reflected in the mirror.....just like life...we get to choose our "views" all depends what path we choose to take or even where we are on the path to begin with! you get a different view with each twist and turn along the journey of life. I heard this quote once that resonated with me...not sure if I am quoting it exactly, but, its something like this..."God is like a mirror...the mirror never changes but the Reflection does."...I like that....we all have our own personal beliefs and Relationship with our Creator and I honor that.....

How are you shining your Light?

I made this Prayer Flag with my "Motorcycle Man" (Larry) in mind.....he is my *Rock,* my Life, my Love.
God is Good...All the Time!!!!

Heart Hugs,