Tuesday, April 28, 2009

*K* is for Kindness for a wee babe named Bella

I just read about this wee babe struggles on http://www.trailertrash01.blogspot.com/ please visit for the whole story...they are holding a raffle to help with medical bills...
I am donating my one of new products that I was teasing you with in the previous post...I call them "StoryBook Cottages"....this is the very first one I made...I have them in allot of different sizes....but, this is the smallest...around 4"...figured it was appropriate as Miss Bella is so very tiny.......

I am also donating the letter "B" for *Bella*.....

you can also visit http://www.junksistas.blogspot.com/ for more info...the raffle will start on May 1st...
Please open your hearts to this sweet wee one!
Heart Hugs,


  1. Oh how nice of you! She is just an angel!~Tam:D

  2. Thank you so much. My world just got much bigger because of you. Debbie

  3. Collenn, that is super cute! You are so creative!!

  4. Aw...what a special thing to do! And your little house is charming.

  5. Coleen, thankyou for stopping by my blog. Your Fairy dwellings are so delightful and all the rest as well.
    I made the book out of necessity one day, think it is original 'cause I made it up. But there is nothing new under the sun, so maybe other projects exist.
    have a great weekend
    aloha Lilla