Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Introducing..."Sweet Feets"

I know I have been a MIA lately.....alot has been going on in the Sohn Home. Some of you know about my dear husband Larry and what he is going thru in his battle with cancer. We found out on my birthday (Feb. 9th) that the chemo was not working..and that the tumors had grown in both lungs. We were devastated as you can imagine. But, my hubby, my hero, my motorcycle man says, "Ok..what is the next step in my healing"... he is now doing clinical trials and is doing well. I ask for your continued prayers and good thoughts...Thank You!

Now on to "Sweet Feets"......
This creation has literally saved me.....I really thought I was gonna loose my mind and my creativity, but, somehow this wee birdie flew into my heart and demanded to be let loose! Check out those toes!.....These feet were made fore walkin....sorry, that song just popped into my head...anyway....

Notice the painted toes and ankle bracelet!!! Click on the pictures for a closer look!

lots of techniques in creating the wing....I have done many styles.....I use vintage text..hand painted vintage laces and trims...rhinestones.....

oops.....don't know why the above pic is sideways....this is the mama and her baby

this gal is goin to the chapel and she's gonna get married.....(another song...i am thinking in songs all of a sudden! jeesh!)

She is covered in glitter...and I used some of the yummy fabric ,covered with tiny seed beads, that I bought from Amusements recently....its really old and lovely!...hmmm.....should her name be "Lovey"...didn't the rich guy on Gillians Isle call his wife that?...can't remember his name. dang it!
love the vintage swirly pin on this one!...maybe her name should be "Swirly Sweet Feets"!

This is the other side of "Swirly"...tee-hee...I am makin this all up as i go.....

So, this gal has a piece of a flower from a vintage hat on her head..looks like a, guess what her name is?
I have some on a block (I was thinking of calling the collection "Birds on the Block", but, some of them are free standing, so that didn't "fly") oh, I crack myself up! Anyway, the blocks are covered with vintage velvet and trims and original text from old books.....

more of that yummy fabric adorns the corner of this the tail feathers on this one..."Shake a tail feather,yea, yea"....oh, sorry..where was I? Oh, I think her name is ...all together now..."Feather"!

So, I was thinking....I would like to start teaching classes.....I think this would be a great one, what do you think?

Heart Hugs,


  1. Wow Coleen... Your new 'flock' is wonderful! I think they ALL should be named, "Lovely"! What a creative spirit you are, and I am so thrilled that you and I were able to see each other in person! I hope we'll do that again soon.
    (Your daughter is beautiful!)
    Teaching classes with the birds as your first offering is a fantastic idea! Just think, your ideas could really "Take off" or "Soar" or "Wing it" or.... well, I couldn't resist. Hope you DO teach classes on this darling project!
    (I don't know if you could stand making them a bit smaller, but they'd make cute wearable art pins, too!)
    See you again soon I hope!

  2. Hey Coleen
    Glad to see an update for you and your motorcycle man you have been on my mind lately just hoping things are going alright. Keep strong and keep creating, your birds are great, look forward to seeing them in person soon. hugs to you! Kay from Antique Annies

  3. Coleen, Your "Fine Feathered Friends" are delicious. Good to see you creating. I missed you at the Spokane Art & Crafts Fair. I specifically went there to just see you and your faeries. You were missed but I understand fully what you and your husband are going through. I am a cancer survivor. Good thoughts and wishes coming your way....Bobbie F.

  4. Wonderful Queenie! I would take a class from you in a heart beat,,I hope everyone enlarges this collection, your details and embelishments are so sweet! Our art gets us through so much, I am glad you are finding the place where magic is in all of your worries with the King. I believe you will be so blessed my friend. Talk to you soon!
    Love and continued prayers!

  5. Had a dear childhood friend named Coleen...lost track of her when I move from Chicago MANY years ago.
    I am new to your blog...and am SO pleased to have found you.
    Your birds are WAY imaginative...and LOVE their BIG FEET.


  6. I love your blog, you are amazing!
    Sending you much healing and time can do miracles. Be gentle with yourself.