Wednesday, September 23, 2009

*T* is for *Thankful* and my new fav color ...*Teal*

I have sooooo much to be Thankful for....this past weekend was full of love and fun! First off, on Sunday we were at the faire and my booth was a Fairy Garden....Party!...This was my very first outdoor show ever!

I have to tell you that Martha did an outstanding job of putting this event on...Her booth was fabulous and very busy!!!I had the honor of being right next to her and her awesome "Elf" turns out that Patty and I had met a few years before when I did the Greens Show in Salem! Patty is a dear,dear authentic and a kind soul! Some of my faeries have the privilege to live with her!

I got to meet so many new friends...Laurie, Molly Mo's, Sammy Girl, Adrienne and more whose names have slipped my mind! Also spoke with some of my collectors that I have not seen in even told me that she submitted my name to Mary Englibrite (before her magazine folded.).how sweet was that!

This wee faerie , whom I named "Soliel" (after Cique de Soliel) greeted all that entered the party...she wants to join the circus!
This is what my booth looked sure was nice that we could do a partial set up on Saturday as we had plans to go........

HERE!!!.........This is the Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City, Oregon...they had an antique car show going on!

I just had to take a picture of this car...for the color!..TEAL!!! Love it!!! The car is pretty awesome, is the Motorcycle man peeking in the window! (wink, wink!)

And this car was just to appropriate for what we got to see and experience next!!!

The Beach Boys!!!! I boogied in my seat and clapped til my hands ached!

But, before all the fun,fun, fun ("Til my daddy took my beach board away!."..sorry, couldn't help myself..."Help me,help me Rhonda!"...dang...their music is still in my head!!!!) now where was I? Oh yeah....before all the excitement of the Beach Boys, we sat on the deck of our hotel room, sipped some wine and looked at this awesome view...and watched a whale swim around and around...

Yuppers.......Life is good..........I have alot to be Thankful for!

Heart Hugs,


  1. Oh what fun! I wish we had gone to hear the Beach Boys but, alas, I'm afraid we missed them!! So glad to get to see a bit of your weekend. Wondering where you stayed - such a gorgeous view from your deck. I'm ready to head to the beach right now! ~Adrienne~

  2. we stayed at Depoe it there!!!
    Heart Hugs,

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  4. Ahhh,,,,,ohhh,,,,I want to go back to Lincoln City Beach....forever....I do miss living on the ocean there, the best time of my life it was.
    The booth is too wonderful. The prayer flags/banner is fairy sweet. Deepwoods estate is very kewl.
    What a great time you had. We have been to the car show too...and the wonderful weather! Lucky girl!
    Gotta win the lottery!
    Love ya Queenie!

  5. Congrats on your outdoor show! All your wee ones are so amazing. The wine/whale thing is so priceless!!!

  6. Your booth is so lovely. Looks like the perfect day for an outdoor market. Cars were great and what fun I know you guys had rockin' to the music!
    AAAAHHHH...sitting on the deck of the bay watching the whale go IS good.
    Thursday blessings to you and your motorcycle man ;-) ps great mustache!

  7. Hello
    I love your booth and it sounds like you were in heaven - what a great time!
    I hear the Beach Boys put on a great show.
    I really like your signs, they look fabulouse!

  8. Coleen~
    Your booth looked lovely! So glad you had a nice trip to the coast. Vintage car show and the Beach Boys too??? WOWSA!
    The photo of you and Hubby is VERY sweet!

  9. We saw the Beach Boys a few years ago at the Oregon State Fair...they were fabulous

  10. It looks like a fun show and one I would enjoy. I hope you have GREAT success.

    give-a-way going on

  11. That looked like soo much fun! And your Soliel is charming! Love your Fairies!

    your photo with your hubby is sooo pretty! You look amazing..and HAPPY!!

  12. What a gorgeous booth Coleen!! I'm glad you had a great show, it looks like such a fun event!