Monday, February 15, 2010

Love is...Comforting and is a winner!

At first, I thought,hmmmmm...not everyone played by the "rules"...I guess I am a rule, I was not going to put anyones name in the pot to draw if the did not answer my "rule"...I asked that people who chose to comment on the One Heart giveaway to finish the sentence..."Love is...." not everyone did...makes me think they just zipped thru posting comments without reading....but, then I thought, at least they took the time to, I relented and put everyones name in....and I drew...Martha's!.. I just chuckled to myself when I saw her see, I know Martha!!! She lives in Oregon, here is the interesting thing...I thought, well, let me see who would've won if i just drew from the names that answered Love is...and you guessed it...out came Martha's name again! Love is Comforting.....yes, it sure is!

Heart Hugs,


  1. Congratulations , You won my giveaway,
    please email me your mailing address

  2. I was just going to congratulate YOU for being a winner on Magic Moonlight's blog! Yay for you!

  3. I am so excited to be your giveaway winner! I have the perfect spot for the little fairy. Glad to see that you are a winner too. Hope you and your sweetie can come on 3/13 for our sale. Would love to have your drop in. Also, check back soon for MY 200th post giveaway! Hugs, M.

  4. How exciting for Martha to win this beautiful heart. I love it.