Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zentangle Promise

Have you heard of Zentangle???........I think its been around for awhile, but, I have not been "tuned in" ....well, I am slowly coming back to creating...and discovered the world of Zentangle! It is like taking doodling to another level....and it is very "Zen-like" as I felt like I went into a meditative state as I created it...I think this will be on the cover of my journal. Another "new" art form for me...I have journaled in bits and pieces, but, never as an art form.... This is my very first one.....I created it with My Lar in mind... and heart...
"Forever Together........I Promise"

Heart Hugs,


  1. I had not heard of this, but I like it. What perfect art to put on the front of your journal.

  2. Zentangle is new to me too., but very interesting. It would also make a great book cover for the grandloves school books. Too cool to be you.

  3. Very kewl Queenie! Thank you for sharing this new art form, I may try it. You go girl!

  4. Oh this great...never heard of Zentangle but Sooo.. awesome this is.