Monday, August 9, 2010

Redefining Who I Am.....

So many changes in my life these past few months...adjustments...not only in my physical home... but, the "home" inside soul..I am getting to know the "new" me little by little...sometimes I freak myself out..sometimes I am overwhelmed..sometimes I am scared...sometimes I am brave...sometimes I smile....and cry tears of joy, like when my friends daughter gave my this wonderfil gift...hands (if you have read my blog) are a very important symbol in my life...I will cherish this little stone forever...
So, speaking of hands...this is what my hands have been doing lately...creating wrist cuffs...this one is on its way to its new home across the land....
and a posy pin to go with the cuff.....I dyed the laces and trims...
I created this one for my SIL ( who helped me more than she could ever possibly know)...
As I created it, an idea was being born ....on the inside of the cuff I wrote.."Soul Sister"and I used an old earring and buttons that I received from our MIL...Larry's Mom
I felt like "Wonder Woman" when I put this cuff on...see the wee wings?..Pow..Zam..Zoom!!
So, this is what my hand, well, my wrist really!...wears now..I mentioned an idea was being born....
Its a "Memory Cuff".....I created this using a cuff from Larry's shirt....kinda looks like a crown in this picture!
I handdyed the laces and dedicated to him on the front
on the back I journaled some thoughts and put a secret message to Larry under his name
So, this is a piece of the new me that is emerging....I wonder what will be revealed to me next...hmmmmm
Heart Hugs,


  1. These are just lovely and with so much meaning to them.

  2. What an absolutely marvelous and meaningful piece of 'adornment'.... your creativity is such a force of healing, Miss Coleen. I can't wait to see where this path leads you!

    Deb @ Retreat

  3. What a great idea! Your creativity is defining much of the 'new' you and I like it. Prayers continue for you often. Will look forward to hearing more about the direction you are headed.

  4. What a wonderful way to create from your heart.

  5. What a sweet post.
    What really adorable work.
    Hugs to you, girl.

  6. Dear sweet Coleen, this is so precious to me...a beautiful memory cuff! This is absolutely wonderful, these fragments of love you've combined ~ I'm sending you love and hugs angel ~ xxoo, Dawn

  7. Ah Queenie,,,how did I miss this,,wonderful creations, just magical and meaningful.
    Something wonderous is happening.
    Soar my sweet friend.
    Love and prayers always,

  8. Beautiful! Love who you are always...

  9. Dear Colleen thank you for your thougthful shainrg comment on Jenny's site. My heart will be with you on your new journy . I know it takes dedication and strenght to take each daily step. Be brave for your self and for you beloved husband. Tears form in my eyes as I write this and think of you and where I was six years ago . No one can walk this walk for you but know that many are thier beside you and you are never alone . hugs Julie

  10. Coleen,
    Those cuffs are adorable! A lot of work looks like to me.

    Thank you for your prayers for my Dad re cancer surgery. He is getting better each day.


    barbara jean

  11. Bravo for your courage, it is very difficult to find the marks then. I know this kind of thing.
    With quite my friendship.