Monday, September 27, 2010

Who do you know that has a Faithful Heart?

My heart has been Faithfully waiting for me to get back to creating...My Lar said this is part of "who I AM"...and creating these wrist cuffs have truly been a very healing time for me as well...thinking about the heart message that will go inside every cuff encourages me to realize how very fortunate I am to really know how it felt and still feels to have been so loved for over 30 yrs.

these delightful one of a kind cuffs have a secret message for you or a loved one on the inside ..the message on this one is "Faithful Heart"....HandMade wearable art inspired by Romance, Victorian , and even a little SteamPunk!! It begins with a srumptious velvet base and adorned with old lace, vintage rhinestones, buttons and trims...Will arrive snuggled inside its own little treasure box, hand painted by me. This one and more can be found in my Etsy Shop.


  1. Oh so beautiful! And, he's right..creating is so what you are!

  2. I looove much so, that I made a link to my facebook!
    I hope you get many calls

  3. So beautiful Sweet friend!!!
    Creating very kewl treasures is, sooo who you are, it's fitting that you put them with a treasure chest.