Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gifts from Her Heart

I met a new friend in Blogland....Griselda. What a beautiful name! Her timing was perfect when she reached out to me...then, she sent me these wonder-filled gifts...she said they were "seeds of creativity"...a nudge to get me creating again...and believing in me. Just look at these fabulous faces she sculpts..they are beads!...

and all this gorgeous the colors!!
wings.......ofcourse......she knew exactly what I needed...wings to lift my spirit
and these wee dolly dress are so dear......they may get altered,tho!!!
here is her card..blogger flipped it sideways..I tried to turn it... anyway, I hope you visit her blog and web site !
and last, but not least..this is one of the most beautiful Spirit Dolls I have laid my eyes pictures do not do it justice..she made this with such love can feel it...I will cherish this and your kindness forever Dear One!



  1. What a wonderful woman and artist! I know you will do some sweet things with them.

  2. Dear Coleen I am touched by your kind words and listing it goodness, I nearly fell off my chair I did not know you had done that. I am glad you liked these, and if you need more dresses, I have more where they came from, I felt you might alter them that is why I did not mind cutting them off the dolls. I forgot to send you the story behind the doll, I will write about it on my email.
    I just wish any of these bits would inspire you to create and start something fun with them. Sending you all my best. Gris