Friday, December 10, 2010

One Hand - finding my heart

I went to the beach with my sis thinking it would be just a fun "sister time" and re-connecting. It was that and oh so much more...I found my heart... some insight into myself. We were walking along the oceans edge when I told her that I liked to look for "heart rocks" and no sooner were the words outta my mouth she mean like this? and hands me the heart rock...and our adventure began....
We clammered over slippery rocks to gt a closer look at the starfish that was clinging to the side of Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach. Usually, my Lar would lead me over rocky or difficult areas we were walking on..holding my hand or saying "step here".."there is a flat rock over there"...or reaching his strong hand out out to help me over a rough area ..such a true "gentle man"....this time, I did it on my own..found my own steps among the rocks......oh, I did pray for Lar to guide me, I must admit that, but, I made it! I only slipped once and caught myself on a barnacle covered rock.. got a tiny cut...but, I did think, on my, don't do that again!! Those shells are razor sharp!

What if our religion was each other.....If our practice was our life......If prayer our words ...What if the temple was the Earth.......If forests were our place of worship...If ritual objects - the rivers, lakes, and ocean.......What if meditation was our relationship......If the teacher was life.......If wisdom was self-knowledge.....If love was the center of our being- Ganga White
I am doing the "Hang Loose" sign that Lar would do alot I was thinking of him very strongly in this picture.....
The sky was ever so much more beautiful than I could ever capture in the above picture...I think God got out His paint brush to show me that life is a masterpiece and we put the brush strokes on our journey thru life..its up to us what colors we choose...and how we paint our lifes story... discovering more and more colors and adventures.
Me....I am kinda leaning towards Amber and Teal these days...oh, throw in some Magenta,too!!! Hard to choose just one!!



  1. I just loved reading your post Coleen. What a wonderful day! I'm sure your Lars was there to guide your every step. Thank you for sharing such a special day. It was just beautiful.

  2. Beautiful!
    (see you next Wednesday!!!)

  3. What a wonderful gifts God gives us. Love is the only one that lasts forever and ever. God's love for us is so much more than we can possibly experience with each other. I am glad you and your sis had a good time at the beach and shared so many wonderful moments.
    Hugging you my dear friend.