Friday, December 31, 2010

One Heart...Becoming Whole in 2011

Can you see the heart in this shell? My SIL gave this to me..she found it on the beach like this..I will cherish it forever. The Heart was made by nature..not man-made. Which I now understand that the holes in our heart are part of the lessons we learn in this journey called LIFE. The year 2010 was a rough one to be sure....this was the year a HUGE Hole took up residence in my heart...As I look back on the year in my minds eye beginning with January......things were not good and only got worse as the pages flipped on the calendar... but, I am also finding things to be grateful for as many friends have remained by my side and listened to my broken heart weep...I realize now how hard it was for them to hear my I remain truly thankful for the gift of friendship...I did not realize how many friends I really have...I met some new friends in a class I took..especially a fabulous lady named Carol...she has been a lifeline to me and has helped me more than she could ever know....some friends I have not even met in person...people have reached out to me thru my blog and on Facebook,too......and so many,many customers from the Portland area and Spokane and Pasco and across the US...have sent me cards, emails and even called me on the phone ....sending me so much LOVE....I am Truly Blessed and Humbled by the out pouring of Love and Concern....
I am working on this one..Brave Heart......I do have fears, but, I am overcoming them one by one...I am Truly Blessed!

My friends have taught me that having a Listening Heart is such a gift.....I pray I do the same in return for them....I have spent hours on the phone with a few of them..and just recently, my neighbor, Sandy, and I have been chatting more and even decided we would start walking together.... she has lived across the street from me for 30 yrs...and we are just now getting to know each other...I am Truly Blessed!!!

Having my friends listen to me has helped my heart become more and more peaceful.....

and hopefully, with a peaceful heart...I will get back to creating me, creating my faeries and collages . wrist cuffs ...birdies and so magical...I go off to LA-La Land...(as my kids say!!!)...but, it is very healing for me....

and what I am putting out into the Universe for 2011 is to have an Authentic Heart...because to me being authentic and true to yourself is having a heart of...


So, as the last day of this year slips into a new one, I am praying for new adventures and DISCOVERY of who I AM.....and that the hole in my heart heals...
and right now, I am off to go shopping with my friend Debbie!!! I am truly blessed!!!!



  1. Oh, Coleen! This is so beautiful! I honor all of your lovely & evolving hearts & send you love eternally!

  2. God bless you Colleen, as the many phases of your heart continues to heal and discover anew, a new Happy Year.

  3. Happy New Year Honey!!!!
    Blessings and sweet prayers to you my dear, I thought of you lots today, sending you a big hug!
    Margaret B

  4. It's a beautiful heart.
    I wish you a new happy year.
    Regards from France.

  5. How loving and sweet of her to give the shell to you. It is the only one in the whole universe....just like you...undescribeably special.
    Arms around you!