Thursday, February 10, 2011

Celebrating Heart .... word #41

This picture was taken our birthday in Feb. 2009....the celebrating began with a kiss... then we blow out the candles and the party begins......

this is my guy a year later in had changed so quickly...but, we still Celebrated all our Blessings!!!
So, this year our birthdays were still celebrated...just a bit differently....I have been playing around with art journaling and this is what has emerged....
at the Center...always....GOD

we are all on different parts of the path to the center, but we are never forgotten..we are loved more than we could ever understand...

so, we keep on looking ....

and searching for answers......

but, as longas we BELIEVE and have faith that With God All Things Are Possible...

we will find what we are longing for.......GRACE ~♥~



  1. Hello Coleen, Happy Birthday to you and your belated husband. That was so sweet, you shared your birhtdays together! How are you doing these days? I see you are doing your art again, that is excellent. Beautiful.
    Best wishes,

  2. Hi sweet Coleen....what a precious post dear friend ~ Happy Birthday to you and your belated husband, I love that you are creating to celebrate your birthdays AND your never ending love for one another....Your journal is absolutely beautiful!!!! Sending you hugs and love across the miles....Dawn

  3. Oh it turned out so "kewl" Queenie! Another Happy Birthday wish for you,,,I have many wishes for you, as you know.
    Talk soon!

  4. Hello sweet Coleen. I've really enjoyed looking at your art and all your lovely hearts. This is a very sweet post. Thank you for sharing your love, life and art. blessings to you!


  5. indeed God is always at the center and He is enough, even when we go through the most difficult of times. hugs

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  7. Wonderful piece of artwork! I always try to keep God in the center of my life. If I forget that, I tend to get into trouble. Thanks for the reminder~..~