Saturday, February 5, 2011

Changing Heart...word #14 "Changing"

I have been very interested in Art Journaling lately....and one night last week,as I sat here looking through old magazines and tearing out articles I want to revisit...I noticed a strip of paper that had curled itself into sort of a heart shape... A flicker in my soul slowly grew into a flame, and before I knew it...I was tearing paper strips into hearts and swirls and cut certain words out of the magazines spread out before me. I put the words on a tray and started moving them around a bit...kinda like the magnetic words you can buy and put on your fridge to make sentences..anyway, some sort of pattern was emerging as my fingers moved the words around. It became a very meditative process...and creative, too!
I love to create "intuitively"...that is with no real plan, just kinda sorta of one....and I love it when I see the synchronicity and I smile and laugh out loud.."Ofcourse"!!! This happened with the title of of this post...I chose Changing Heart as the title due to the first picture ...then, I went back to my list of 365 words for this year( in my journal) and noticed that the next word after "Remember" ( title of my last post) was..."Changing". I wrote "changing" in my journal on Jan. 14th...and just today decided to continue with the next word on the list that is why I wrote day 14..reference to the 14th day of the new yr) other words, I chose the title BEFORE I knew the next word on my list was "Changing"...interesting.
Heart Hugs,


  1. I love it when you let go and let God create, one gets, unexpected surprises!
    LOve YOu♥

  2. Isn't it amazing what we can create when we got out of our own way? xo...deb

  3. love the paper hearts...they are great...I too, am working on a changing heart...thanks for the beautiful blog- I truly love visiting here!

  4. It's Wednesday,,Happy Birthday!