Wednesday, March 11, 2009

*F* is also for *Friends*

I just came back from a show in Spokane, Washington (Custers Art and Craft Show) and thought I'd share some photos of fellow venders that I see about twice a year...I call this guy "The Mad Hatter"...he does not look very happy, does he? This is the mascot in Becky and Holly's booth named "All That Glitter".

Isn't this mannequin just yummy?! The girls did a great job on this baby!...check out those flowers!
This is sweet Becky...Holly wasn't around when I snapped this..I'll catch her next time..maybe at Farm Chicks!!! They will be vendors, there , too...June 6th and 7th...Spokane, to their booth ...they have the most delightful things!!!

This wonderful creation is by my friend, MaryLou Wayne (she did not want her picture taken)...she is the most fabulous doll artist!!! She sculpts in polymer clay and even offers classes. Her little people are so very precious...You can contact her at I hope she gets a blog soon!!! The world needs to see her creations!

and this sweet lady is Kay Smart...she makes the sweetest Annies ever!! People don't even want her to wrap up her babies, they want to carry them! I see them go by my booth and I wave at them, and I swear they wave back at me!! You can contact her at

ahhh....this adorable lady is Cerri Noto...she wears the most awesome outfits....I am always asking her to show me her stockings....aren't they fabulous!! She creates wonderful characters out of wood. They just make you smile...I wish I had gotten a closeup of time I will!! Click on the picture for a closer look. You can contact her at

and last but, not least is Kathy of Kathy's Victorian....oh my goodness...I fell in love with things.......check out this lamp!!! sold right away...and I am kicking myself for not buying that sweet altered book that she created that is next to the lamp....I am telling, you, her stuff is magical....I was over at her booth drooling over everything...she makes fabulous fabric wall hangings...done in a collage way.....and the most yummiest trims ever....such a nice, nice, person....I am so glad I met her! You can contact her at