Friday, February 27, 2009

*D* is for *Doorknobs* and *Doorways* and *Daughter*

Doorways and Doorknobs....ever think of them as a "spiritual" thing??? (I will get to the *Daughter* part in a minute)
well.....they really can be, if you just think about it......

you put your hand on the doorknob of your home everyday...and "how" you enter thru the door is up to you...with a smile on your face and in your heart...or.....well, you get to choose!

I'd love to have a Doorway to a secret garden......

or enter the land of the faeries.......

you just have to use the right year ago today, I used the key to enter the Doorway of Despair....and the Dark night of my Soul. Our only Daughter was diagnosed with melanoma on this day... I thought I would never smile or be happy again. She had surgery and one lymph node was removed...the Dr. was very optimistic that it had not spread (it did not!!) Flash forward to today.... she got the great news that her chances of re-occurrence was 5%!

so, right now as I type this...I am extremely Happy, Happy, Happy!!! doin the Happy Dance!!!!..I used the right key to enter this Doorway......the key of Faith.......

and now we are planning her wedding.....

this looks like a rainbow.......but it is a Doorway to promises kept!! Thank You God!!! (TYG!)


  1. Coleen,
    What a beautiful post! Love those beautiful doorknobs and brass plates! I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's ordeal last year, but so happy for you that the report this year is so good! Have a wonderful time planning her wedding.
    May we all choose the right doorway...our faith is what sustains us.

  2. Oh my I loved the pic you sent of the cuff, how beautiful! We like the smae things thats for sure. I cant wait to see the somerset article.... Happy days for you!! Thanks so much for emailing , hugs, Kimberly

  3. Oh Coleen, what wonderful, wonderful news!!!! I'm so very happy for you all...blessings from heaven for sure ~ each and every piece of artwork is so beautiful too!! xxoo, Dawn

  4. I am completely enamored with your assemblages - they're just terrific!

    Enjoy planning your daughter's wedding!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment - please, come back sometime - love meeting new mixed media artists!

  5. Oh you do such beautiful work! O love the story -and how we choose how we enter the doorway. I am very glad about your daughter and the upcoming wedding must be a dream come true :-)

  6. Coleen~~~I rejoice with you dear friend, God is so faithful!!!And now you get to celebrate with a wedding!!!!~~~How cool is THAT!!!!OHHHHHH~~SWEET DAUGHTERS!!!!! Thank-you for visiting my site and leaveing such a sweet commet.I visit you everyday waiting for the next LETTER!! Beautiful~JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!Blessings, Deborah

  7. Ah,,Queenie,,,what a great post. Since I walk with you regular,,to my pleasure to be sure,,I do know the ups and downs..honored to share it all and I am here always. You are about to a have a wonderful week my friend. The photos are wonderful as your creations are. I love the raibow you were able to capture over the ocean.

  8. oh my, your creations are just so wonderful! thank you for sharing your touching story...

  9. Your blog is so cute. I added you to my list to follow.


  10. Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet words! I'll be listing wedding blog sites soon. There is some amazing stuff out there. Hope that will help you planning your daughter's. So glad you got the good news! Thank you Jesus for a good report!

  11. Bless you and your family Coleen. I've not read your blog before. God is good...all the time. The key of faith is the key to God's kingdom.
    I enjoyed the walk through. Thank you.
    And thanks for visiting my blog as well. I'm not a great artist, but I'm having a BLAST.


  12. What a wonderful blog. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. Blessing's..Kathi