Thursday, June 11, 2009

Farm Chicks...Part 2! The People!

I really didn't feel like I got to go around and shop much at the show...we whizzed around a little bit before the show and I snapped pictures as I went along...I didn't get all the booth names, so, if any Chickies see your booth or products, please let me know and i will give you proper credit! Ok, on with the show...I begin with the "The Queen of Display"...Deb Kennedy of Retreat fame... Here is a cute shot of Deb...she is one of the nicest, sweetest, most authentic lady I met there...she really walks her talk! and
this Baby Grand Piano Bar was the star of the show! Deb has around 40 hours of collaging in this piece! My pictures really do not do it justice...this belongs in a movie stars home!!!Deb's Hubby, Bob, gutted it and put the bar in...another 40 hours of hard work....all in all over 80 hours of love to create!!! where the keys once were, he put in a mirror that slides in and out like a table...hard to explain, but, it is fabulous!!! I'll let the rest of the pictures I took of this masterpiece do the talking....

The Picture below is "All That Glitter" booth....

Holly and Becky do a fantastic job of display and creating...their booth was jaw-dropping!!! I wish I gotten a picture of Becky in her crinoline...too dang cute! I do the Custers Art and craft Show with them, too! They do not have a blog...yet...hint, hint...get going on it gals!
The adorable Beth Quinn...her jewelery is awesome, I am kicking myself for not buying a piece! her site is

This is sweet Isabel...her friends call her Izzy...I think I will name a faerie after her...she visited with me for a bit and I was amazed at her insightful spirit....I have a wrist cuff that says "Oh, we can iron out all the wrinkles" (I cut it out of childs book) and also a wee iron from a monopoly game...ofcourse I am thinking of wrinkles on my face...but, Izzy said she'd like to have the cuff to give to a friend that she was having squabbles let her know that they could smooth things out.....she gave me chills.....I am kicking myself for not giving it to her...
This is me and LillySue...her and her sweet daughter, Holly, drove 7 hours to come to the show. I am so glad I met them! What a nice, nice lady!!!

I coulda used this shopping cart to fill up...isn't it cute!!!

This phone made me wanna call Marcie and tell her that I wish she was here!!!

The most yummy tea towels from Teresa Sheeley another thing I am kicking myself for not buying...what was I thinking???....oh, thats right, I wasn't!!

These fun gals were at Todays Country Store's booth...i think two of them are vendors from another booth...but, they all looked so darned cute, I had to get a pic of them ..... they had some wonderfully scrumptious things!

This is my neighbor...across the isle from me...sweet Arlene... has a heart of her! Her journals and collages and totes (made outta flour sacks!) are awesome!

I do not know who's booth this came from, but, I love who the crinoline was it did not last very long!

The darling Lisa, from The Tickled Pink booth.... her and her partner, Isabel have a tale to tell...go to her blog for the full does have a happy ending! I bought some Bling from Lisa, some it for my daughters wedding party (she is having an old hollywood glam theme) and some of it will appear on my StoryBook Cottages!

Very clever, Lisa!!!

another shot of Lisa's booth...I *think*!!!

This is from Isabels booth...loved the little vignette she created here...her clock pillows sold so fast, that I didn't get a chance to snap a pic, but, I think she has some pictures on her blog

Lovely many to choose from!

another fabulous booth..and , again, did not get the creators name.....dang!

I *think* this is Eileens booth.... it was awesome!!! we go waaaaaaaay back to bazzar days when she was a promoter of the most awesome show called "Country Elegance" Her displays and products are wonder-filled!

Well, thats about all for now, stay tuned for part 3!!!
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  1. Coleen, you are just too darned sweet! Thank you for the kind words and the photos of our booth... I fear the one of the 'petticoated' Deb could be used for blackmail in the future! LOL I so enjoyed seeing you again and visiting at the BH Boys party Saturday night - Kim's photo of us is up on her blog!

    It was such a fabulous weekend. Let's do it all again next year, ok?!!! (BTW, I have 40 hours of collage work into the piano bar, and Bob has over 40 hours of repair & construction.)

  2. Hey Debi,
    Sorry, I goofed..I fixed it on my blog!!Ofcourse it took more than 20 hours....there is a ton of work put into that baby!!!

    Heart Hugs,

  3. Howdy~Hey,Gal~
    It was fun looking at all your show photos. Holly bought the pink crinoline from Lisa at Tickled Pink that you have pictured with the white Tickled Pink T-shirt. Come visit for Pink Saturday and see it again!! You can't believe how in love I am with my Fairy cone...The color and composition just makes me so happy. I am going to hang it right next to my work spot in my studio!!

  4. Wow what an amazing looking show! Wish I was in the area to check it out, but thanks for sharing all the great photos.
    Take care,

  5. Hi Coleen! It was so lovely to meet you and see your amazing booth. I will be posting about you in my next post, because your things are so amazing. I love the names and sites you mentioned, because I missed half of them!!

  6. Hi Coleen,
    I am having a great time checking out everyone's blogs, seems I was right.... I missed all the wonderful booths. Next time more play less work for me!! I will have to teach Dave the Driver how to fluff the booth so I can do what I do best ...visit!
    P.S. I guess you made it home with all your iron treasures!

  7. Hi Coleen,

    It was so great to meet you at he show. I love all of your wonderful creations. I will be looking for you on Lollishops!

    Take care,

  8. What a great time and show, lots of treasures and nice people to meet. I wanted to go,,of course who dosen't, I love the photos *Q*, talk to you soon!
    Much Love

  9. So sorry I missed you at the show, Colleen, I was so looking forward to seeing you!! Next time, we need to plan something fun!

  10. Hi Colleen, wish we had more time to chat at the show. Thanks for snapping our photo and doing such a great post! The two adorable girls in the pic with Kris and I were mom and daughter from La-ti-Da.
    see you next year!

  11. hi colleen!!! it was such a pleasure meeting you at the show ! so much fun , but such a whirlwind huh !i had an awesome time - anyways, keep in touch !!