Sunday, June 14, 2009

Farm Chicks...Part 3...The Party!

The Sweet Cindy, Queen of Tartes, invited my Motorcycle Man and I to the party of all parties at Chaps restaurant on Saturday evening. The event was put on by Cindy, The Barn House Boys and Celeste , the owner of Chaps...she was also a vendor at farm Chicks. The decor in Chaps was a visual treat...I wish I had taken more pictures of the interior...but, trust me, it was just too darn sweet.Cones of peanuts nestled in bed springs.......charming!!!

Great use of a plant display.....I have a few of these and will surely "borrow" this idea...
The tent outside (oh yes, the party was inside and outside!) held round tables...with each table holding a food course...salad table...appetizer table...main course table....and the dessert table...yum!I got the pictures out of order, but, the treats on the pink planter display were dunked into this chocolate delight.....look at the designs left on the tablecloth! Chocolate art!This is an awesome welcome banner printed on burlap
The Barn House Boys... I think we were all dubbed Barn People that night!!!Heres......Kim!!! Just as cute as can be! I snapped this picture after she took a picture of the four of us...its on her blog.....We sat with Debi and Bob had some great laughs and shared business "stories"...they are two of the nicest people we met. so authentic and truly live from the inside out. Love them!
I snapped this picture as we were leaving at 9:30...I think the party was just getting started...but, we were two of the older folks there (but, young at heart!) and we needed to get our snooze time in before another big day of sellin...I'm sure the young Chickies (and Roosters) partied on til well after midnight...I was cuttin some serious zzzzzzz's by then!! Ahhhh...youth!

Again, I moved the pictures closer together, so the comment box is waaaaaaaaay down there...I do not know how to move it up...guess i will stop moving the pictures closer as it leaves such a big space.....I am still learning how to do this bloggy thing, so if anyone knows how to help me, please do!!!

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  1. Hi Coleen! Thanks so much for the great post on our little party hosted by The Barn People (BH, Chaps and Tarte). Hope you had a good time...we sure did!!

  2. That photo is just too funny! It was so great to meet you - I look forward to seeing you next year~

  3. Looks like you had a great time Coleen. The decorations are so pretty, and I love the welcome sign on the burlap.
    Take care,

  4. Collen: What a wonderful time you must have had with all that gorgeous stuff and happy people around you.

    You probably have "returns" in your posting which you can delete by carefully going to the bottom of the post with your cursor and then carefully backspace up to the last line.

    Email me about affiliates. I will explain. You should be able to email me on my blog. I don't know how to email you first or I would.

  5. Oh. My. Heck! I love these ideas! The peanut-bed springs is just too too wonderful NOT to copy - now, hmm..where to find a bed spring..
    This looks like such a hoot - so glad you went AND to photos for us - have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing such a cute party!

  6. the Second Childhood gals told us to try to get invited to this party... but the East Coast Gals were fast asleep my 8!We went on Sunday to see if we could grab a bite- but got there too late.