Friday, January 8, 2010

Team for Larry

T.E.A.M ....Together Expect A Miracle..........This came to me during a night time nap.......I have believed that we are all connected for a long time now.......and it occured to me that we are all a TEAM of some some way...for each does take a TEAM to keep each other going thru our challenges and thru our good times, took a TEAM to help us thru Corals wedding and now we have another TEAM helping us thru Larrys angel delivered us 5 meals last night...and homemade pumpkin bread, too!!! Her name is Erin..her hubby, Brent, helped too! I was so touched by this kindness!
I created these items to put in my shoppe this weekend...the above picture is a pin to wear...and below is one of my prayer flags
Pink Halo......

Blue Halo

Teal Halo

I will be also taking orders on these...choose your own colors,affirmation... etc......I do not know if I will be doing shows again or not....but, i do know that creating helps me in so many ways...I have had so many people tell me that my Faerie/Angels helped them or a loved one thru a difficult they are helping me. Thank You All so much for your really means alot to both of us! What a TEAM!!

Heart Hugs,


  1. We are solidly on your T.E.A.M., Coleen & Larry, and expecting those everyday miracles and visualizing healing for the Motorcycle Man! Hugs, dear friend...

  2. I am a TEAM-er too as you know, I miss you. I pray every day for The King and you and your family. I love to see you creating, these are beautiful Queenie.

  3. Beautiful TEAM artwork. I am impressed that it came from a dream, it is meant to be.