Friday, January 22, 2010

Welded Hearts and Heart Hands

I mentioned in my last post about Larry and I always holding hands...we take hand photos all started on a trip to Egypt when we put our hands under a hieroglyphic of, we started taking more pics of our hands when we go on trips or the mood just hits the picture below of our hands making a heart...its like we are one heart.... hands also in prayer together....

who is that masked man?......looks like some heart welding going on here...we have a "thing" for hearts, case you havn't guessed! I love this heart shape.......

but, most of all..I love the heart in this man...

My Lar....

Heart Hugs,


  1. Yes, I can see it in his eyes and hear it in your blogging voice!!!!
    How enchanting!
    Margaret B

  2. Beatiful words! Isn't it sweet to be so in love and still enjoy holding hands? ~Adrienne~

  3. aw..that is the best heart/hand photo I've seen in a long time:-)
    Keep on holding hands and you'll never have a thing to worry you !

  4. It's a rare thing these days to see a couple in love after being married so long. I have seen how he looks at you,,with a love sparkel. He looks so cute in the welding garb as he is makeing you a heart. Sending lots of prayers, angels, and love back to you!

  5. Beautiful heart in metal and in your hands.

  6. LOve these photos Coleen.... I must take some hand shots... Your Lar is a cutie :)
    {{HUGS}} ~ Madai

  7. Hi Coleen, I am new to reading your blog so I was delighted when I saw this post of you and your husband; it made me smile. It is so nice to see people still in love after what I am assuming is more than a few years. Good for you and Lar, and for your daughter who learned how to be married from you two.