Friday, November 19, 2010

One Hand........Connections

I decided to take myself on an "Inner Child Walk" today...I got this idea after listening to this. She calls it Weekly Tea Break and the tape I listened to was "Inner Child Work" I started out taking Taj,my fat lil chihuahua, but, he pooped out on me, so i took him home and headed back out. I found myself walking towards the park where I used to take the kids when they were little. It was raining and the wind was blowing hard. I had to hold onto my umbrella with both hands! I started to feel a little like Mary Poppins! Made me smile at the thought! I heard wind chimes tinkling and some sounding like Gregorian Chimes....very soothingand healing sounds. So, I was thinking, hmmm...maybe my inner coleen was coming out to play...but, all of a sudden memories of me as a young mom and her/my kids running up ahead of me appeared in my minds eye..She/I was saying...."Stop at the crosswalk...look both ways before crossing the street....can we go now?" was so carefree and good. I shifted back into the NOW...starting thinking of my Lar......and saw this cup blowing towards me..out of the corner of my eye , I saw the word KINECT......I kept walking...then, I thought......Kinect? ohhhhhh Connect!! Ofcourse!!! So, I went back and snapped a picture of it...I had to hold it down with my shoe as the wind was blowin it around!

I started down the path leading to the park when I saw a picnic table..this is new I thought, and had the feeling I should go over it....when I saw what someone had inscribed into the table I was stunned......Terry....the lady that made the audio I listened to about the Inner Child Work is Terri....... wow!!! Connections.......they are there, all around us if you just open up to them.....

I went on down the path and the young mom again came into my many times we had come down this path....and looking over at the hill where Lar and I took the kids sledding one snowy was so much fun.....and oh, yeah, there is the tree that Doug fell out of and we had to call an ambulance....the tree is sooo big now!!

I walked on and happened to notice a bit of color on the path...I know it looks like an oil sheen in the picture, but, its really a tiny wisp of fabric......I thought..hmmm....a piece of a fairy dress......I think my inner child had really come out to play!!......connections.......

and then there is this.......double rainbow......a Promise of and everyday...I am connecting with myself and who I am becoming......I am so thankful for all the support and connections I have made thru this blog and facebook and support groups I have attended. Family and friends and customers and collectors.....have stood by me..cheered me on and pulled me up when I am down and help me to keep movin forward. And I will.....I plan on going for many more "Inner Child Walks", if I can only get Taj to go with me...

Heart Hugs,


  1. That is wonderful!!! I so love when the Universe does that, with a wink & a nudge. :-)
    I'm glad you are doing this for your self. Thanks for sharing!
    Love you!

  2. Thanks are truly a Connection, too! Thak you for connecting me and Terri!!
    Heart Hugs,

  3. coleen..........what a great post to come and read! thank you. you made me smile big this morning!

  4. Hey sweetie *Q*,
    Look at the way the X is "on" the fabric, and all the stick-like things are pointing at it. It is also your color pallet.
    You know me,I like to look up words:...Kinect not in the dictionary...but,

    Kin-"friendship or relatives".
    Ect-before a vowel, a variety of ECTO-"outside,outer, external".

    God will continue to talk to you in the language you share between the two of you. I do believe it is yours alone. He knows your heart, God knows how many hairs you have on your head even. Keep walkin and talkin girlfriend...holding onto Gods hand.
    Love You!
    You got some gloves! Kewl!