Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One ThankFul Hand

BRRRRR......its cold!!! My son and I were so excited to watch the snow falling last night and as we were peeking out the window, I had an idea.... So, I pulled on my shoes and jacket and went out into the twilight night and pressed my handprint into the snow that had collected on my car.....then I had the thought to draw a heart around it and write our names,too.....notice the other thing that is there?? looks kinda like an arrow, huh? I swear to you I did not draw it!!!!
Then I drew a heart on the windshield and put our intials inside..I snapped this picture today...I see another heart...can you?
I know LOVE and for that I am truly THANKFUL!!!

Heart Hugs,


  1. I love your hearts~~~and the surprise!
    Have a grateful Thanksgiving.

  2. Love it! How touching to feel the presence of someone so dear and loved by you.

  3. Ah..the work of your "Angel" for sure! Love this..happy happy..so loving..