Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One Hand...moving forward

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I take alot of hand pictures....Lar and I started this way back when...taking pictures of our hands together....it was our "thing"...so, I will continue taking pictures of my hand....its kinda strange not having his along side of mine, but, I can feel him smiling as I move forward..interesting thing about grief is that you cannot grieve, if you did not love.....and I am so blessed that I know love..... I saw this leaf and thought the drops on it looked like tears.....a journey of tears....
I lived in fairy tale world.....where fairies sheltered themselves from the rain under mushrooms...and danced in the moonlight......
but, now, angels are watching over me and dry my tears with their wings.....
this is my youngest sons hand..he still wears his "Live Strong" yellow band..I am so proud of him....he made "Daddy's Pizza" for his birthday..he wanted to make it himself...and it was delicious!!
So, we are moving forward and celebrating.......I have so much to be grateful for!!

Heart Hugs,


  1. Happy Birthday Kyle!!! Wow,,20 years, how time flys. Pizza and cake,,what more is there...yum!

    The fairy's are still there my friend...they are...waiting for you to come play again.
    Love you to pieces!

  2. Aww Coleen, having a son that you are so proud of is wonderful.....he is a sweetie for sure. Love this post, so much can be said with our hands.....
    I do think of you often....keep you in my prayers....
    Margaret B

  3. What a lovely tribute...my hugs today and always to you!

  4. You are a very strong woman and this is a lovely post to honor your beloved and your son turning 20. Keep taking those wonderful photos and sharing them. Blessings...