Saturday, January 1, 2011

Heart Acceptance

This is a word that I am embracing today...I bought the wonderful piece of art above from Bone Sigh Arts
The word "ACCEPT" holds alot of power when you think about it...when you accept the realities of what is happening when your life spins out of can finally release the pain and move forward..oh, i will probably slide back once inwhile...but..I really feel that I am in the Acceptance part of my life....with alot of help from Family , Friends and my Faith.

I will be putting this on my etsy soon. Every time the bell rings...well, you know the rest!!
I pray that I only have to learn the lessons one time tho!!



  1. You ARE Strong, Colleen. Accepting a move forward, is another piece of strength within your heart. Accept that strength that God has given you. You ARE a survivor.
    BlessYourHeart and NewYear

  2. You are a blessing and I pray for your strength and comfort as you face each lesson!!!
    Margaret B

  3. I do admire you my dear friend, my Queenie,,,,the King is proud as he watches over you bloom and grow a stronger stem. God holds both your hands, always. It is a blessing God has brought us together as friends, sisters really.
    I love the glove, what a talent you are, I am your biggest fan as you know.