Thursday, January 13, 2011

Remembering Heart ...word #13

So, most mornings I wake up and wonder what my "word" for today will be.... Sometimes it comes quickly, and other times I will not know what it is til later in the day...
I am learning not to rush these things. Some of you know that I wrote down
"365 Heart Words "on New Years, I am taking a word a day from my list
and allowing it to settle in my heart...
I was going to try and make a "heart a day"..but, I decided not to put so much pressure on myself...I do journal a word a day tho...
My list so far is 1.Accepting Heart 2.Healing Heart. 3.Being Heart 4. In-to-Me -Se (Intimacy) Heart 5.Awakening Heart 6. Soul Heart (newly awakened) 7.Forever Heart 8.Struggling Heart
9. Heart Answers 10. Questioning Heart 11. Learning Heart 12. Listening Heart and todays heart is
Remembering Heart ....and I am so thankful that I have been blessed with such wonderful memories...

HEART HUGS, last name means "SUN" in German..thus the reference to "BEAM"...I love hidden messages........


  1. Wow, I missed a few hearts!!! I love this one, she is so sweet!!!!
    Margaret B

  2. Your Remember Heart is very special. What a wonderful thing to do each day. Happy Hearts to you...

  3. I love your heart! Loving heart..healing heart..friendship heart..they are all YOU!

  4. She is a lovely "Remembering" Doll. I love your journey and seeing what new directions you go.