Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A is for Abundance

Abundance.......kewl word, huh?....I love that it has the word "dance" in it.....cause when I have an abundance of...whatever....I do a happy dance....sometimes just on the inside, cause I don't want to embarrass my kids!

When you think about the word "abundance" , what image or emotion comes to mind? For me, its love.......love for my husband and our 5 kids( 4 boys 1 girl) and my 2 daughters-in-laws and soon -to-be son-in-law, our 3 granddaughters and a new grandson due in July!, my 2 dogs and my "grandfurbaby", my dear friends, for my health, my home, ...well, you get the picture.....

oh, yes, and ofcourse the faeries!!....I always have an abundance of them around before "show time" when they fly off to new homes...they bring me an abundance of joy as I create them...this wee one is named "Autumn", my favorite time of the year....
I guess what I am trying to say is that when you focus on what you DO have, instead of what you lack...and be Thankful for all - good things will come to you. My continual prayer that I say all day long is simply "Thank You God'...TYG! (I write that on each and every faerie that I create)
With a Grateful Heart,


  1. Ohhhh Queenie,,wonderful post,,another venue for the ministry you have been given,,,to spread the good thoughts. I am gratefull for the abundance of your reminders, to keep me on the positive side of my mind.
    Big Smile

  2. Are you going to post *B* tomorrow?? Can't wait to see it!

  3. you know me so well,*M*...yuppers, *B* is next!!! Stay tuned!!


  4. Coleen, I love the letter AAAAAA!!!Here's an AAA word::: APPRECIATE---VALUE, PRIZE,TREASURE,CHERISH means to hold in high estimation. Appreciate often connotes sufficient understanding to enjoy or admire a thing's excellence (in this case your beautiful artwork!!! Your dolls are love-ly!!!)Wishing you allll God's very best as you come into this new chapter of your life. IT'S WONDER-FILLED!!!! Blessings, Deborah

  5. You blog is lovely...LOVELY....

  6. Oh my gosh,Colleen! You are the closest blogger to me that I know! Wow! How exciting. Do you make these dolls? They are the sweetest things I've ever seen!

    Great story about the tile by the way. Did that creep you out at all? I wouldn't be bothered by it one bit. :)

  7. A belated happy birthday to you -- I think those of us reading your blog will be the true gift recipients. Please, please tell me your artwork is available to purchase, and how to order. I am looking forward to the remaining letters of the alphabet. Best to you. Edie in Harlingen, TX

  8. Dear Coleen,

    I heard about your new blog. So I will say:
    "Welcome to you in our creative world!"

    Your fairies are so lovely. I will often come to visit you. Now you are on my link-list.

    Kind regards Cornelia

  9. Oh my!!! Thank you Everyone for your kindness and welcoming words!

    Michelle, yes, I design and create the wee faeries, been doing so for around 9 yrs now!!...the story about the tile did not creep me out, i thought it was awesome!! I will post about it here one day!

    Edie...yes, my art is avail for purchase...just email me for more info!! Thank You!

  10. Hi Coleen, Wise words, and heartfelt. We all need to hear positive affirmations. There is so much negative in the world, so thank you. I hope to share my abundance with whom ever crosses my path.
    Your faeries are so sweet. Thanks for sharing them.
    My art doll class with Joanna at Mosshill is going very well. It's the first of this kind of art I've done, so its very exciting. Thank you for responding to my blog.
    Beth @ Barn Owl Studio

  11. Coleen,
    Absolutely love these last 3 posts.
    You may be bringing out another creative part of by your inspiring words and the way you see life.

    Blessings again.
    (my comment on another post would not 'post'. I clicked 3 times.) Sooo,
    you'll either get 3, or none.

    Barbara Jean