Thursday, February 12, 2009

*B* is for *Blessings*

Ahhhhhhh....Blessings.....they come in many different forms,don't they?!! some you don't even realize at the time...
like a chance meeting turning into a beautiful friendship. I first met Marcie ... see, around 9 yrs ago - I am not sure on this, but, anyway, it was at a retail show I was doing in Portland, Oregon. She had stopped by the booth across from me and the vendor had just stepped away for a bit, so I told Marcie that the person would be right back....and we got to chatting, and the rest is history!! We are still chattering away...everyday!

Friendship is one of the Blessings in my life that I truly treasure...we may not actually see each other , but, I have a few "Phone Friends" that have been a life line to me my friend Carol...I know I can call on her or Marcie anytime of the day or night if needed...and Joan, my cheerleader friend and cheery words, always there when I need her....and then there is Jody...such a gifted artist and has been a real mentor to me.... They have all surounded me with their Light of Love and Friendship and I am eternally grateful......and Blessed.

PS..the wee faeries name is.....*Blossom*
PPS.....Dawn ... introduced me on her blog!!! I have a new "online" friend! I am truly Blessed! Thank You Dawn!


  1. You are a hudge blessing in my life Queenie,,I love you to pieces! I miss getting together for lunch and laughs and seeing you and your creatons in person,,,if people could see the complete details of your dolls...their undiepanties...and, and, and, just every detail.
    Cyber hug! Talk to you fairy soon!

  2. Hahahaha CREATIONS too...but undiepanties was on purpose...*M*

  3. ahhhh.... friendship a blessing indeed!! So glad I found you here, had seen your beautiful fairies on flickr & etsy but this is a great way of getting to "know" you and I see you are a beautiful person inside and out :) Happy Birthday from a Virgo with lots and lots and lots of Aquarius friends, including my hubby, lol :)
    I just met talented Marcie too so this has been a lucky year for me as well! :)
    Have a great day sweetie!!
    xoxo Madai
    ps LOVE your new banner it is PERFECT...and I see that it's from one of my all time favorite gals in the world :)

  4. Friendship is indeed wonderful! So glad you decided to start blogging because I might want one of your fairies. ;) It's all about me ya know. ;) Kidding, really....okay sometimes. Anyway, welcome, welcome Coleen!

  5. There is just nothing like a good friend-golden!
    Hope you are having a nice day~Smiles~Tam!

  6. Welcome to blogland! I love your fairies.
    Portland, Oregon

  7. Love your fairies they are adorable! I don't have a blog but I love reading all of your ladies blogs. Came over from Feathered Nest adding you to my list of blogs to visit. Vicki Page

  8. Just got wind of you from Dawn, The Feathered Nest & Marcie. Your fairies are fabulous.
    Welcome to the world of sharing treasures. Glad you joined in so we could see you wonderful creations.
    Happy Heart Day, Candy

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your wonderful compliment! This is such a nice post! I'm always amazed at the wonderful friends I've made online!

  10. Hi Coleen, I love your letter B-----BEAUTIFUL BLESSINGS----And you are about to ABOUND in them!!!!!! Your dolls are amazing! I'm adding you to my BEAUTIFUL LINKS so others can visit from my site. I love visiting you and I'm sure others will too!Blessings, Deborah

  11. Colleen,
    Hello! Welcome to blogland! I just found you through Marcie. I love your fairies, they are just wonderful! I love your banner, my banner is also from Tiffany.

    Selia (fellow Aquarian)

  12. Your dolls are so lovely...thank you for visiting me...we are Oregon girls...