Sunday, February 15, 2009

*C* is for *Comfy*Cozy*

I know...I used two words for *C*... but, I always use them together.

I get a real *comfy cozy* feeling when I see old ribbons and lace and vintage bridal netting.....

but, when I really want to get *comfy cozy*, I get my jammies on and look for a comfy cozy chair...this one is waaaaaaay too small...

oh looky.....there is a wee groom lookin for his bride in my secret'd he get in there? This chair is still too small...

hmmmmmmm...whats this?...I like the makes me feel comfy cozy, too.......

ohhhh...kissin faeries on a chair......well, now we are talkin!!!

only I like to do my kissin on this chair! Motorcyle Man snuggled with me on this chair while he fed me chocolate pie and watched movies.........well, maybe that is too much info...but, I sure like fallin asleep that way!!! This chair is just right!!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I'll enter you in the drawing! Your photos are so creative and cute! Love the vintage wedding stuff...I'm in the process of helping my son and fiance plan their wedding. So much fun!

  2. Colleen, you have a blog!!!!! It is beautiful.... I would love to see you at Expo. Are you going to be at Farm Chicks?

  3. Oh I'm so glad we "Coleens (Colleens)met! How do you pronounce your name? Soft or hard "O"? Mine is like "calleen" but I've heard it also as CO-lleen.

    Your dolls are the most beautiful, cherry and darling fairies I have seen - you should be so proud of them. And you blog is like eye-candy for my dieting eyes. Thanks and I'll be back (not in the Arnold way, but as in, I'll visit soon! )

  4. Hi Isabel...yup...I do hope i can get to Expo to see you gals and buy some stuff, too!!! I am workin hard to get items ready for my first spring show in Spokane..Custers Art and Craft Show..then...on to FC in June!!!

    Hey, Colleen!!! my name is pronounced with a soft "o"...people say it all kinds of ways!!! Thank you for your sweet words about the faeries!! Yes, come visit anytime!! I will fly your way again soon!!!

  5. Sweet purple chair and story! Funny thinking of a big strong motorcycle man in purple with flowers all around..and fairys.

    Yes Shirley was my neighbor and mentor/friend...I am a reflection of her...she inspired me to take photo's so I could capture the beauty of her work. I also did 2 instructional video's of her work. They were for sale. Someday I might put them on youtube.

  6. Gorgeous... and indeed, a very cozy place...


  7. That looks like a pretty comfy chair! Love all your pretty pictures. That groom looks pretty sweet in his garden!

  8. Very sweet! Thanks stopping in for a visit and it would be wonderful to see you on the 21st!!! I'm adding you to my list of "Interesting Reading" if that is okay. Thought I had done it a long time ago!!!M.