Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Awakening Heart day 5

Interesting how this word came to's the name of the shampoo I use.."Root Awakening"...( no affiliation!) I thought, huh....yeah, something is taking root in my heart...its like spring, ya know when the first little tender shoots of seeds start sprouting..and pushing their way thru the earth to burst into the light...but, before that can happen, the roots have to grow strong and deep..its what nourishes the tender new beginnings...i know, this sounds crazy being January and it is rainy and freezing cold outside...but, this is an inside job anyway....
yep..... the roots are growing and my heart is waking up and thawing out....I have been numb and frozen for quite awhile now...
BTW, I know I spelled Awakening incorrectly on my picture above..I will be correcting that soon!!!...see......I am Waking Up!!!

Heart Hugs,


  1. Excellent piece of art. To be awake and have roots is all we need to be creative. Happy creating...

  2. Ah Queenie,,too sweet,,,ya know I am seeing the tiny buds setting up...getting ready....and one day,,,, Poof!
    Beautiful hanging too, I know all your creations are so impressive in person. There is a big ole key to your heart in the art!
    Hugging you!