Monday, January 3, 2011

Heart Bee-ing Day 3

Laying in bed this morning. I had the thought..I wonder what my "word" will be for today? I don't want to "force" it... "Let it Be"...I thought...hmmmm.."Be Still and know I Am God"....hmmm "Just Be"......"BE"......
so I got up and let Taj out to do his bizzness and my son was in the kitchen cooking breakfast and I noticed this...BEE!! how odd I thought to myself...I told my son that it will probably die anyway, as bees need to fly, and it was trapped between the window and the screen...Larry, (my son..) said that bees are usually hiberating now...and I said, yeah, I think the sun woke him thats a thought..."wake up and fly!!!" Anyway, at first I was gonna spray it (ok, kill it!)..and then, after thinking about it for a moment, I decided to "Let it Be" ...

and sat down and enjoyed every bite of the yummy, coconut pancakes my son made...

Who am I meant to Be???......stay tuned..I am gonna find out!!!



  1. Such a great lesson for all of us!

  2. Love this! The universe is constantly speaking to us. :-)

  3. Coconut pancakes??? Yum! "Be" is a very simple word and yet so powerful. Keep us posted...

  4. you.....and how sweet....coconut pancakes!!!
    Margaret B

  5. Now, THAT is certainly a gift from above! He gives you a word and then the confirmation. Beautiful!! (Not, so sure about that coconut pancake thing though...LOL!)

  6. Bee??? Maybe there is a buzzing wasp here,,, Trying to get make a beautiful nest.
    A man who can cook...kewl.