Sunday, January 2, 2011

Healing 2

Above art by I love terris art!!
Today was a good day..I went to see Narnia with my of the many lessons I heard and felt today was...."do not focus on what was taken away..rather, focus on what was given to you"......hmmm....maybe my word is "focus"???.....well, maybe, but, focusing on what has been given to me is very healing ......I am Truly Blessed......



  1. I work with this thought form: Nothing can be taken. Things are only given.
    (Like if last Tuesday was a really awesome day, this Saturday I don't think last Tuesday "was taken from me", just that it was given to me & was so perfect.
    I still work with this a lot~~letting it sink in. It helps reframe to accept & appreciate fully.)

  2. Coleen,
    I guess each day you could ask yourself, "what one thing will I do today to heal my heart"? It could be like little stitches, mending your day, one thing.....
    Each day your focus will go in a new direction and then you shall lots to choose from and it may not seem so hard.....if it is, remember you have lots of friends and sometimes I may not have the right words but I can send you lots of hugs!!!
    Margaret B